Code of Conduct


As a responsible member of Arizona Golden Rescue and in keeping with the organization’s Mission Statement, I will do my best to support the rescue of abandoned, mistreated, or unwanted Golden Retrievers and mostly-Golden mixes, the provision of veterinary care, food and temporary shelter for such animals and the location of persons and families to provide permanent homes for these abandoned dogs. In addition, I pledge the following:

  1. If I am an animal provider, I will
    1. Provide all dogs in my care with adequate quantities of nourishing food and fresh water.
    2. Provide safe, secure, and clean facilities with adequate shelter.
    3. Be sure that all dogs receive appropriate veterinary care, including immunizations and parasite treatments when needed, as well as emergency veterinary care, if needed.
    4. Provide loving attention to every dog as if that dog were my own.
    5. Keep the dog inside as a member of my household.
  2. Community Affairs
    1. Conduct all my affairs concerning Arizona Golden Rescue in such a way that my behavior does not bring discredit to its image.
    2. Do my best to educate people about responsible pet ownership, the importance of spaying and neutering your pet and the negative aspects of irresponsible breeding.
    3. Clean up after my dogs when walking or exercising them in public.
    4. Keep my dogs under strict control when participating in events sponsored by Arizona Golden Rescue if my dogs are not people-friendly and other-dog-friendly, I will leave them at home.
    5. Refuse to supply dogs for raffles, "give away" prizes, or other such projects.
  3. Business Practices
    1. Will comply with Arizona Golden Rescue foster and adoption agreements.
    2. Will not jeopardize AGR's financial solvency with actions or decisions beyond the scope of the by-laws.
    3. Will maintain the confidential nature of all electronic and printed information that has not been released as public record.
    4. Will not engage in malicious criticism or gossip.
    5. Will engage in the honest and open debate for determining what is best for the dogs.
    6. Will not attempt to personally gain from AGR fundraising items by purchasing items at a discount.
    7. Refuse to keep any item sent or given to AGR as a sample or gift. If the sample has been donated to AGR, the item will be used in a raffle or other fundraising effort; if the item will not be in a fundraising effort and a member wishes to purchases it, the member will purchase the item at full retail value.