Most of the Goldens that will need rescuing come from private owners; some will be rescued from county shelters or from the Humane Society. Some come to AGR through veterinary referrals, others from Good Samaritans who have found wandering dogs. The majority of the dogs we will accept into the rescue program and adopt out will be purebred Golden Retrievers, although we will also accept mostly-Golden mixes. The adoption fee is the same for a purebred or a mix, as we do the same veterinary work-up regardless of purebred status.

Most rescued Goldens are housebroken. However, sometimes a dog has been kept in the backyard for an extended period. In such cases, some housetraining will probably be necessary. It is rare that puppies will be housebroken before they are 6 months old. Even a dog that has been housetrained may have “accidents” when placed in the unfamiliar environment of a new home.