For the dog to go outside alone, a fenced yard is necessary for the dog’s safety. The rescued dog must NEVER be allowed to run free. If your yard is surrounded by a secure fence or block wall, the Golden may be exercised there off leash. Outside the yard, or if a yard is not available (e.g. FWITA lives in an apartment, condo or mobile home) the dog must be on a leash at all times and must have a collar on with the AGR identification tag firmly attached even after the dog is adopted.

Yes! They thrive on it, and besides, a Golden Retriever is a big dog, and training should begin immediately and be an ongoing process. At the time of adoption, we will recommend some local trainers. All Goldens are trainable and actually enjoy the learning process. Training creates a bond between you and your dog, and will make your Golden a good canine citizen.