The current status of every dog rescued by AGR is shown on the website. If a dog is listed as Medical Hold, it means there are some medical issues that have to be treated before we would place the dog with a potential adoptive family. If a dog is listed as Adoption Pending, this means the dog has been placed with a potential adoptive family and we are waiting for the dog to “settle in” before we finalize the adoption. This period of time is usually 3 weeks. Finalized adoptions are shown under Success Stories. Due to confidentiality issues, AGR cannot divulge any other information about the dog. We do not allow a surrendering owner to meet with the dog’s new owner. Such a meeting would be traumatic for all concerned, especially the dog, who would not understand why he/she is no longer with his/her original family.

 We will contact you only if you have been approved to adopt and if our Placement Team decides that you are the best fit for a particular dog.