A resounding YES! We consider a Golden a senior at 9 years of age. Most still have plenty of energy and fun and are so VERY loving. Although they may not be with you as long as you wish, you can have many wonderful years together. The sense of joy in giving a senior Golden a home is unequaled. Goldens quickly bond to their new families. If you have reservations, we will be happy to put you in touch with people who have adopted dogs from a wide variety of age groups from puppies to 15 years of age. The seniors are usually full of mischief, love to take walks and especially enjoy being held and loved. And remember… no housebreaking or teething (in itself a reward).

 Puppies less than 6 months of age are occasionally surrendered to rescue, the youngest we have ever rescued was 2 days old!   Pregnant females that later produce puppies sometimes also come into the program. Puppies are made available for adoption after they are 8 weeks old. If you want a puppy and are willing to wait for AGR to get one, please file an adoption application now, so that we can put your family on our approved-to-adopt waiting list. Then, you will be among the first considered when puppies become available.