After you are approved to be a FWITA, you will get a dog matched to your family as soon as it comes into the rescue program. A rescued Golden will be brought directly to your home by an AGR Transport Team member. The dog may come from a veterinary facility where it has already been examined, or may be an owner turn-in. Although as a FWITA, you may specify that you will not accept a dog that has been a stray or taken from a shelter, we hope you will be flexible, because all such dogs will already have had a medical workup. You must pay the requisite adoption fee for the dog and sign the Foster/FWITA Agreement and the Terms and Conditions of Adoption contract at the time the dog is delivered to your home. By signing, you agree to hold AGR harmless for any damage caused by the foster dog to your home or family. In addition, you must pay the membership fee if you are not already a member. You may pay with a check, money order, or by providing credit card information. Cash will not be accepted.

 The dog will be fostered by your family for a minimum of three weeks, during which time you will be responsible for taking the dog to one of AGR’s approved veterinarians for all necessary medical treatment. After this “trial run” of three weeks, you will be contacted by the Placement Team and asked if you intend to adopt the dog. If yes and the dog has been medically cleared, a letter of adoption finalization will be sent to you. If no, then you will work closely with the Placement team to find the best match for the dog with another family. If you do not adopt the dog you have been fostering, you will have the option of getting a refund on the adoption fee or applying what you have already paid toward the fee for another dog.