As a FWITA, you will be brought a dog that may not have been “home tested.”

  • If the dog is a stray or rescued from one of the county shelters, AGR will have no history on the dog.
  • The dog may not be housebroken.
  • The dog may be untrained to the leash or to car rides, and may have no “house manners” or any kind of obedience training.
  • The dog may not be used to being around children or cats.
  • The dog may be ill, and, if so, may have a disease that can be transmitted to another dog that may already be in your household. If a resident dog gets sick because it has contracted an illness from a foster Golden, AGR will not cover any medical expenses incurred by the resident dog.

If you have a resident dog(s), we encourage you to protect him as much as possible by:

  • having your resident dog(s) vaccinated against Bordatella (kennel cough)
  • keeping your resident(s) separated from a newly rescued dog until the dog’s health can be evaluated by a vet.