How to Grade Your Dog's Food:


Start with a grade of 100:

  1. For every listing of "by-product", subtract 10 points


  2. For every non-specific animal source ("meat" or "poultry", meat, meal or fat) reference, subtract 10 points


  3. If the food contains BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin, subtract 10 points


  4. For every grain "mill run" or non-specific grain source, subtract 5 points


  5. If the same grain ingredient is used 2 or more times in the first five ingredients (I.e. "ground brown rice", "brewers rice", "rice flour" are all the same grain), subtract 5 points


  6. If the protein sources are not meat meal and there are less than 2 meats in the top 3 ingredients, subtract 3 points


  7. If it contains any artificial colorants, subtract 3 points


8 ) If it contains ground corn or whole grain corn, subtract 3points


  1. If corn is listed in the top 5 ingredients, subtract 2 more points


  2. If the food contains any animal fat other than fish oil, subtract 2 points


  3. If lamb is the only animal protein source (unless your dog is allergic to other protein sources), subtract 2 points


  4. If it contains soy or soybeans, subtract 2 points


  5. If it contains wheat (unless you know that your dog is not allergic to wheat), subtract 2 points


  6. If it contains beef (unless you know that your dog is not allergic to beef), subtract 1 point


  7. If it contains salt, subtract 1 point Extra Credit:

  1. If any of the meat sources are organic, add 5 points

  2. If the food is endorsed by any major breed group or nutritionist, add 5 points

  3. If the food is baked not extruded, add 5 points

  4. If the food contains probiotics, add 3 points

  5. If the food contains fruit, add 3 points

  6. If the food contains vegetables (NOT corn or other grains), add 3 points

  7. If the animal sources are hormone-free and antibiotic-free, add 2 points

  8. If the food contains barley, add 2 points


  9. If the food contains flax seed oil (not just the seeds), add 2 points

  10. If the food contains oats or oatmeal, add 1 point

  11. If the food contains sunflower oil, add 1 point

  12. For every different specific animal protein source (other

    than the first one; count "chicken" and "chicken meal" as only one protein source, but "chicken" and "" as 2 different sources), add 1 point

  13. If it contains glucosamine and chondroitin, add 1 point (PLEASE NOTE: Glucosamine is NOT recommended for diabetic dogs or dogs with Cushing’s Disease, as it reduces the ability to absorb insulin and medication)

  14. If the vegetables have been tested for pesticides and are pesticide-free, add 1 point


Score: 94-100+ = A; 86-93 = B; 78-85 = C; 70-77 = D;

69 and below = F

Here are some foods that have already been scored. Authority Harvest Baked / Score 116A+

Bil-Jac Select / Score 68 F Chicken Soup Senior / Score 115 A+

Canidae / Score 112 A+

Diamond Lamb Meal & Rice / Score 92 B Diamond Large Breed 60+ Formula / Score 99 A Diamond Maintenance / Score 64 F

Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Ultra Premium / Score 122 A+

Dick Van Patten's Duck and Potato / Score 106 A+ Foundations / Score 106 A+

Hund-n-Flocken Adult Dog (lamb) by Solid Gold / Score 93 B

Iams Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Premium / Score 73 D Innova Dog / Score 114 A+

Innova Evo / Score 114 A+

Kirkland Signature Chicken, Rice, and Vegetables / Score 110 A+

Nutrisource Lamb and Rice / Score 87 B

Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Puppy / Score 87 B Pet Gold Adult with Lamb & Rice / Score 23 F ProPlan Natural Turkey & Barley / Score 103 A+

Purina Beneful / Score 17 F Purina Dog / Score 62 F

Purina Come-n-Get It / Score 16 F Royal Canin Bulldog / Score 100 A+

Royal Canin Natural Blend Adult / Score 106 A+

Science Diet Advanced Protein Senior 7+ / Score 63 F Science Diet for Large Breed Puppies / Score 69 F Sensible Choice Chicken and Rice / Score 97 A

Wellness Super5 Mix Chicken / Score 110 A+

Wolfking Adult Dog (bison) by Solid Gold / Score 97 A


Source: Tami Gramont This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Healthy Ingredients


Turkey & Turkey meal Chicken & Chicken meal Fish & fish meal

Lamb & Lamb meal Vegetables


Vitamin & Mineral supplements


UNHEALTHY Ingredients



Corn Gluten meal

Digested Glandular (anything) Meat & Bone meal

Salt Sugar

BHA &BHT (preservatives) Ethoxyquin (preservative)


Filler Ingredients


Bran, flour, gluten meal Cellulose

Oats Peanut hulls Soy

Wheat Corn

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