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Adoption Process

  • What is the adoption process?
  • What are the adoption fees?
  • Why does it cost so much to adopt a dog that someone surrendered?
  • What age of Golden Retriever should I want?
  • Can I get a puppy through AGR?
  • Will I have trouble bonding with a Golden Retriever that is not a puppy?
  • Will an older dog adjust to my lifestyle?
  • If I adopt a purebred, may I breed them?
  • How long will I have to wait after you submit your application to adopt a Golden?
  • May I chose the dog?
  • Once a Golden that will match your family is found, how do you meet the dog?
  • Can I have a “trial run” with a Golden in your household?
  • Do I have to be home with the dog all day?
  • Do I need a fenced yard?
  • Should I provide obedience training for a Golden Retriever?
  • Questions or problems with a foster or adopted dog?

Foster with Intent to Adopt

  • What do I have do to become a FWITA?
  • Are there any advantages to being a FWITA?
  • Are there any disadvantages to being a FWITA?
  • What will I be expected to do as a FWITA?
  • How much does it cost to be a FWITA?


  • What should I know about Golden Retrievers before being considered for adoptiong?
  • Why would anyone need to rescue a Golden Retriever?
  • Where does AGR get the Goldens?
  • Where can I go to see AGR’s rescued dogs?
  • Are rescued dogs housebroken?
  • Are all rescued Goldens healthy?
  • What happens when a Golden is brought into the program for adoption?


  • How do I become a member?
  • How do I find out about the activities Arizona Golden Rescue involved in?
  • Who is Arizona Golden Rescue affliated with?
  • What about Fosters and Foster with intention to Adopt?
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