Adoption Process - Getting Started

The first step in adopting a rescued Golden from AGR is to submit an Online Adoption Application which is available from the Adopt dropdown menu above (double-click the word ADOPT from the menu). The application must be completed in full. We ask many questions in order to match a dog to your lifestyle and family routine.  Note that there is a $25 adoption application fee required in order to process your application (information regarding payment of this is at the bottom of the online application).

Your application will be reviewed by our Home Evaluation Coordinator, who will then assign a Home Evaluator to conduct a telephone interview and arrange to visit you in your home. Our list of available dogs changes weekly, ensuring that you will soon meet your new Golden companion.

Our adoption fees are based upon the Golden’s age.

  • Puppies up to 2 years of age are $500 
  • Dogs 2 - 5 years of age are $475 
  • Dogs between 5 and 9 are $450 
  • Dogs over 9 years of age are $400.
  • If a pair is adopted, the cost will be the full fee for the younger dog and half-fee for the other/older dog.
When AGR takes a Golden into rescue, we incur veterinary costs. Sometimes these costs are minimal, as when only a general physical is done. In other cases we have significant medical expenses.  Adoption fees by themselves never cover all our expenses with rescued dogs. The average cost of veterinary services has run between $1,800 and $2,100 per dog.